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Happy Smile BKK is quickly becoming one of Thailand’s finest cannabis dispensaries and our menu of exotic strains in limited volumes

has become a huge hit with the more experienced connoisseurs. But HURRY, as each item on this page is only available in limited amounts and once sold out we cannot confirm with certainty when we will make more of it available.

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    Donkey Butter


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Ice-cream – Hybrid – THC 21-23%
Ice-cream – Hybrid – THC 21-23%

This strain is somewhat sweet and tangy with a hint of vanilla and fruits but don’t let the name fool you as the effects are potent, quickly giving a full body relaxation that’s cool and high due to it being over 60% Indica dominant.

Medical benefits include relief from anxiety and depression as well as body pains including migraines and muscle aches.

The high is one of euphoric relaxation and creativity, but due to its potency we DO NOT RECOMMEND this for beginners as it can easily cause dizziness and even mild paranoia.

CBC content is near zero.

  • Availability in Thailand:  Very Rare
  • In Stock:  11  grams
1000.00 THB / gram
Donkey Butter – Indica – THC 24-26%
Donkey Butter – Indica – THC 24-26%

Exotic Indica strain with fast acting dulling effects. Super grassy smell and will get you higher than a kite.

Can help relief chronic stress and pains.

  • Availability in Thailand:  Extremely Rare
  • In Stock:  72  grams
900.00 THB / gram