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Happy Smile Bangkok & Pattaya

Bruce Banner – Hybrid – THC 12-14%
Bruce Banner – Hybrid – THC 21-23%

This incredible green monster is quite a powerful strain with a balance between the effects of Sativa and Indica.
Bruce Banner has a fast acting stoned effect that mellows out to provide a relaxing high and aid in creativity and feelings of euphoria.
Can help treat anxiety and even Bipolar disorders, as well as strong pain relief effects.

  • Hybrid
  • THC 21-23%
  • Fast acting stoned effect
  • Creative buzz
  • Strong pain relief effects
Colt 45 – Indica – THC 20-22%
Colt 45 – Indica – THC 26-28%

Our Colt 45 is a premium Indica dominant hybrid and exudes a pungent flavor of floral aromas with an earthy undertone and hints of diesel.
Recommended for regular smokers looking for a strong bodily high, the Colt 45 boosts positive thoughts and provides a relaxed and happy high which can aid in a good night’s sleep.
Can be used to treat chronic pain, stress and depression. May help relieve insomnia too.

  • Indica-Dominant
  • THC 26-28%
  • Treat chronic pain
  • May help relieve insomnia
Gelato – Sativa – THC 14-15%
Gelato – Sativa – THC 16-18%

Known for its mellow high, Gelato has a well-balanced and universally appealing flavor with hints of citrus.
Gelato is great for daytime and early evening use and its effects of heightened perception and relaxation are fast acting.
Can help with aches, pains and even migraines, and is known to temporarily relief symptoms associated with stress and depression.

  • Gelato Sativa
  • THC 16-18%
  • Can help with aches and pains.
  • Temporarily relief symptoms associated with stress
Laughing Buddha – Hybrid – THC 18-20%
Laughing Buddha – Sativa – THC 21-23%

With its hints of citrus and herbs this Sativa strain is known for it's fast acting euphoric high making it perfect for social settings.
Laughing Buddha can be enjoyed during the day and evenings and can encourage productivity and relaxation for hours.
Can help with concentration for those with Attention Deficit Disorders and temporarily relief anxiety or panic.

  • Sativa
  • THC 21-23%
  • Can help with concentration
  • Temporarily relief anxiety or panic
Sugar Bomb Punch – Indica Dominant – THC 12-14%
Sugar Bomb Punch – Indica Dominant – THC 20-22%

This strain is heavier on the Indica strain than the standard Sativa-dominant Sugar Punch and delivers a feeling of excitement and bodily relaxation at the same time. It's aroma has hints of citrus and candy, hence the apt name Sugar Punch.

Also known for its aphrodisiac effects, Sugar Bomb Punch is perfect for those seeking some self-reflection or meditation and an upbeat mood. Can be used to treat insomnia, mild cases of anxiety and even fatigue.

  • Indica-Dominant
  • THC 20-22%
  • Can be used to treat insomnia
  • Can be used for mild cases of anxiety